Technology: The Future Is Now!

When you look around at your everyday life, you cannot go one single day without seeing one thing in common; technology.

Think about it, you wake up to an alarm clock blaring in your ear.

Then, you roll over and check your phone, where you are bombarded by texts, emails, voice mails and a handful of notifications from social media.

You crawl out of bed and begin to brew coffee, flip on the television for the morning news.

You have only been awake for ten minutes and have already been aided by four different objects born from modern day technology.

You go into the bathroom, were you will use an electronic toothbrush to cleanse your teeth.

You use a toilet that is smart enough to sensor when you are done to flush itself.

You look into the mirror and see you have a five o’ clock shadow, do not worry; you have an electronic razor that has made shaving a breeze.

By just walking into one small room, you have already been assisted with three more products of modern technology.

We encounter such a massive amount of technology in every day life, that nobody would be able to function too far into their day without being deeply effected by its absence.

We have technology to help us maintain our health and wellness.

And technology to connect us to near limitless information almost instantly.

Heck, we even have devices specifically created to help us achieve our own sexual pleasure effortlessly and better than ever before.

(Let alone without the assistance of anyone else, which was often a prerequisite in the past).

Here’s another example of how technology has changed the way we live:

You are sitting in a drive thru, waiting for your morning breakfast and a cup of coffee.

The first thing that you notice is a panicked teenagers high pitched voice crackling through the monitor.

They inform you, “I am sorry. We are having some issues with the register, it is not allowing us to put in orders. So, we have to close down the whole store until it gets resolved.”

These younger generations were not subject to how life was ran before the assistance of all these amazing products, that they truly are completely lost without them.

We have come a long way from the invention of electricity, to making everyday life for humanity so easy, that most people in the younger generations did not have to face the struggle of even learning complicated school subjects, having the help of an electronic device.

These inventions were created to enhance the lives of society, here are just a few examples of how the older generations have found this upgrade to life beneficial.

Before the creation of a microwave, many people had to come home after a long day and slave over a hot stove in order to feed their families.

Due to this enhancement, younger family members no longer have to wait for the aid of an elder person to prepare a meal for them.

The creation of a cell phone, has done more than just connect loved ones.

Most people in the younger generations have always had this device, but for many people; they had to try to find a payphone.

If they were to have a flat tire in the middle of the night, they would have had to walk to the nearest gas station, just to call for help.

This explosion of technology ranges from the safety blankets of automatic locking car doors to full high tech security systems.

Schools are even catching up with the modern times, with numerous courses being taught online as a supplement to normal in-person classes.

Even with all the good technology has done to make many dreams a reality, just like with all things; there is a down side.

Teenagers are controlled by the opinion of others in every aspect of their daily lives, they are constantly being judged, humiliated, disrespected and emotionally harmed through these devices.

Giving them absolutely no escape from the prison of bullying, as they are subjected to it almost every second of their lives.

Unfortunately, there is always someone who will find a way to misuse something that was supposed to do nothing, but make our lives better.

Even with this negative possibility, it has not detoured society away from the enjoyments of using these devices, but it might have forced them to use more caution than they did when these items were first being brought into the world.

For anyone that has ever struggled with the chaos of using a map while trying to find their way around anywhere, has been greatly appreciative of GPS.

For many people, they are able to travel places that they never dreamed of going, before this advanced system was created, for they had the fear of being lost.

Being lost, is a gigantic improvement on daily function, but these advancements even allow aid into the smallest of struggles, such as making bread.

There are so many people, young and old alike, who are excited over the new bread makers; which do all of the work for you.

They have even aided big chain stores, being able to prepare pasta and pizza dough in minimum time with not even half of the effort.

Anyone who has ever tried running a business will be the first to tell you, technology makes every aspect of their job simpler.

Book keeping, marketing, analytics and production can all be completed by one device; your mobile or a laptop.

The internet, perhaps one of the most amazing things that have ever been created.

Every single person who has ever made an article, blog post or single thought into electronic writing is now accessible to everyone, everywhere; anytime.

Learning new information has never been so simple, you no longer have to scavenge hundreds of books at the library to find what you need to know, it is all right here; at the tips of your fingers.

There are so many great inventions that have altered the lives of millions of people.

Here in future articles, we will explore different versions of topics such as: artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, Facebook intelligence, Google ads and virtual assistance like Google home and Alexa.

Trust me, you are not going to want to miss the discussion, it will make your mind soar to a different view of life, a life; where we no longer have to go even one single day without feeling the benefits of technology.