Intelligent Ads

Marketing has long been a very important aspect of managing businesses around the world. Almost every department of business has one form or another of marketing.

The major and probably most widely used form of marketing is advertisements.

Some few years back, advertisements were mainly made through the newspaper, billboards, the radio, and TV channels.

However, due to the introduction of modern technologies such as the internet and social media, advertisements have since taken a different dimension.

Internet platforms such as Facebook and Google are now used to attract and lure customers.

The dream of every business is to attain maximum operational efficiency and hence profits.

That is why when adverts are made these days especially through the internet and social media platforms such as Facebook, attention is paid to how specific the adverts are to the needs of the end user.

Tailor-made adverts are the new order of the day.

Intelligent and smart advertisements are being adopted across the world of internet so that businesses and individuals can achieve the efficiency and results that they need.

In this short piece, we would be looking at how intelligent facebook and google advertisements have an impact on individuals and businesses as a whole.

But before that, let us look at how these smart advertisements came about.

Smart advertisements are advertisement platforms that use the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer automation to turn standard and vague adverts into tailor-made adverts that serve the specific requirements of customers.

They help refine adverts by using programmatic and content creation technologies to understand consumer intent.

For example, adverts for cold weather product can be made to pop up when the temperature of an area falls very low.

Earlier in the 20th century, American Meteorologist Jule Gregory Charney teamed with some Norweigan and American researchers in meteorology, mathematics, and computer programming to develop the first ever computerized weather prediction programme.

Based on the weather findings of the programme, shopkeepers and other marketers moved products such as umbrellas, raincoats, and pharmaceuticals in anticipation of weather-induced demand.

This was probably the first form of smart advertising. Intelligent advertisement has since grown to be an integral part of modern day advertisement.

Below are some of the benefits that intelligent facebook and google adverts have made in the marketing world.

You just left the colorful market of eBay with a mouse click after you had purchased a pair of wall curtains.

You quickly check out and then open your mail to see if your transaction had gone on successfully.

You are embraced by a warm welcome from eBay’s emailing service informing you of the success of your transaction.

Just before you leave the email page, an advert pops up asking you whether you would consider buying curtain rods to complement your purchase.

The advert that had popped up on the edge of your exit could have reminded you of the need for curtain rods and probably how buying both together would be of discount to you.

The above scenario represents how smart adverts such as google smart ads and intelligent facebook applications help customers make buying decisions day in day out.

Google ads, for example, search through the transactional history of customers in order to anticipate what future needs a customer may have.

It then directs a group of adverts to serve that need of the customer. Such features have helped make the world of e-commerce more efficient.

In reference to the high patronage of social media platforms such as Facebook, individuals and businesses are shifting towards social media advertisements.

Research reveals that on average, an American spends 40 minutes of his/her time daily just on facebook.

Additionally, close to 2 billion people reportedly visit facebook yearly.

In the light of these statistics, social media advertising has proven to be an effective form of advertisement.

But what matters the most is the efficiency of the adverts.

Majority of people who visit Facebook go to post updates, like and make comments on posts.

Very few go purposely for watching adverts.

That is why intelligent facebook adverts help in gaining responses.

With intelligent facebook adverts, the profile, previous searches, and interest of a Facebook user are analyzed before an advert is directed to him/her.

This makes adverts serve the specific needs of the customer in a more efficient manner.

For example, an advert for the sale of Manchester United jerseys would be most likely be directed towards people who live in Manchester or have the club as their favorite of their profile.

Smart adverts do not just focus on targeting your core audience but also focuses on how your advert would be designed to fit the preferences of your potential customers.

The choice of language, color, design, and pricing are all influenced by the findings of artificial intelligence (AI) on your target customers.

With intelligent advertisements, the results of your creativity become purposely relevant for your audience.

You, therefore, get a more organic approach towards advertising.

For example, with the aid of “machine learning”, computers can apply artificial intelligence (AI) towards analyzing algorithms to reveal trends.

The results of the machine learning process can be applied to ensure that adverts reach the right person, at the right place and at the right time.

Advertising with google smart ads and intelligent Facebook advertising has a lot of benefits to the advertiser and end user.

Economically, smart adverts help save time and financial resources that would have been employed to manage an advertising personnel.

Also, with market segmentation, targeting your niche market becomes easy since the AI technology employed knows just who you want to contact.

The conversion rate on adverts also gets improved since adverts are directed to those who matter the most.

Due to the upsurge of the use of the internet, adverts placed on google and facebook turn out to cover larger audiences.

Managerial decisions are also optimized with the application of artificial intelligence.

The limitations of smart advertising are not very tangible.

The main limitation of smart adverts is that the taste and preferences of the target may change over time and hence, wrong adverts may be directed when actually, the customer has no interest in the product.

The world is changing at a fast rate with regards to technology.

Artificial intelligence is listening, learning and responding to the issues of man.

The future remains bright but the present keeps proving to us that the future is now.

Smart adverts are changing the world for the better.